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LED Lenser bicycle lights on their heads idiots.

In the U.K. they don’t have a highway code for cyclists. They put bright LED Lenser bicycle lights on their heads! If they look at you they temporary blind you. pedal bikes cyclists in the U.K. are mostly idiots cycling attracts weirdos in the U.K., not like Holland Deutschland and so on. I purchased one of these lights and when they are riding up to me I point the torch at their face and shine it. They usually reply with “oh man turn that off.” I reply with yes after you do.

I don’t know why cyclist in the U.K. are so stupid LED Lenser, lights are meant to point down to the ground. In Europe it’s called dipping your lights.

If you put a LED Lenser light on your head or on your handlebars if you shine it in peoples faces they are going to be temporary blinded and they are going to get annoyed. British cyclists are mentally defectives.

Having to walk around with one of these lights on me just so I can shine it in their faces is a ridiculous way to have to show idiots not to do it to me. Yesterday somebody wanted to fight with me because I shined the light in his face as he was doing it to me! so I set the dog on him and he run away and left his bike so I quickly left the area. Haha!
DSCF0989 pigsy

That’s it I’m off now to sing about Tokyo lights.

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Under construction I have not decided how I would like this blog to look as yet.

Just been having some fun with virus signature scanners basic signature scanners Avast Internet security, Avira Internet Security Suite, and Kaspersky. Kaspersky doesn’t like me for some reason I wonder why lowlife scaremongers.

You could set up a anti-virus business overnight you would use the same scanning engine and just put another name on it just like they do. Most of their programs are absolute crap. They have a cartel in pricing they agree to a price for example $ 39.99 = roughly £ 24 but they would charge you 39.99 pounds sterling.

Avast Internet security, would charge somebody in the U.S. 29.99 dollars for a one year subscription but they would charge somebody in the U.K. 39.99 pounds sterling for one year. And for the European currency they would charge 49.99 Euros which is roughly 67 dollars! That is one big fuck you to Europe, from these signature scanners.

The insults do not stop there: Avira Internet security, regardless of what they say do not provide a firewall they use the Windows firewall which white lists large companies spyware company’s products that call home without your permission. So Avira, is charging you all that money for a virus signature scanner.

Take this one for example Emsisoft, they take a different approach and do not use the common signature scanners but what you are buying is actually not what you are buying. For a one year subscription they would charge you 26.50 pounds sterling but the firewall will have a 30 day countdown which will suddenly pop-up and surprise you in 30 days and they will charge you 26.50 for that also even though you originally believed you was purchasing a virus scanner and firewall as it advertises on their website and the total cost will be 53 pounds sterling.

These products should be called yearly ransom – ware. And Kaspersky, is using a old 1990s interface which used to be classed as shareware from the 90s. Haha.

A fool and his money are easily parted. You could always go for the free product that they offer but with that product you are the product remember virus scanners have root access to your Windows systems they know what you are doing and when. That creates all kinds of other problems if you go for a U.S. virus signature scanner a NSA problem.