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All touched with the fingers of the lightening!

I know a woman who is working on a contract for the U.K. government and with government advice they are taking advantage of terminally ill people and people with learning difficulties. A woman who they were trying to force to take a job died of cancer because she was terminally ill! I said to my possibly ex-friend how can you do this job it is evil sick job. “She said to me I know but we are told what to do.” I said why are you doing this job then. I don’t think she appreciated what I had to say about it.

She was dealing with a person with as they say in the U.S. learning difficulties and they were giving him job applications and telling him to apply for these jobs.
In Deutschland, such people are helped and coached for example: you apply for the job for them! you tell them what bus stop to stand at and what number bus they should get. You tell them what time to go to work and what time to finish work. And once you have explained it to them they will do exactly what you have told them to robotic like. Likewise in Japan and even in the U.S. but in the U.K. they simply abuse people.

The person who she gave the application forms to and told him to apply for these jobs started breathing fast so I knew what he was going to do he run away. I said to her what will happen to him now she said he will lose his “jobseeker’s allowance.”

It is a sickness that is mainly in England only. In Deutschland, Japan, Ireland they do things differently they show more respect. In Ireland for example people with learning difficulties live at home with their parents and if their parents die the local community takes care of them in the sense that they will see that they are doing ok. they would say things like you do your washing on a Sunday at 12 o’clock and you will have fresh clothing for work on Monday. On Monday you go to the bus stop and you catch such and such bus number. At 4 o’clock you must get such as such number bus back home look for this sign so you know went to get off. When you go to the shop you always ask for a receipt so you know how much money you have spent. That type of thing but in England they are just bastards it’s a sickness that is spread by English politicians evilness “I’m all right Jack.”

Making terminally ill people claim “jobseeker’s allowance” you sick sick bastards.

Also in England Council housing ( rented accommodation ) is built by taxpayers money and the taxpayer lives in these properties but U.K. media call these properties “affordable homes council properties” and they say the government needs to build more homes for “poor people.” Councils work for the taxpayer governments work for the taxpayer and the properties are built by taxpayers money. The media makes it sound like a charity and government and councils are magically making money to house the poor taxpayer. Did you know you can go to prison in England for not buying a “television licence” you must give the BBC money they send threatening letters to everybody in England haha! Absolutely true they demand money by menaces.. crazy is sad because they don’t even realise they are being abused.