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Charlie Hebdo

The Charlie Hebdo, second attack by lowlife politicians. Francois Hollande, before all this wanted to shutdown this magazine. The politicians jostling each other to try to get a Photo shot of themselves being important even pointing their fingers in the air when they see a camera even though they are talking to nobody. These journalists and cartoonist died for freedom of expression and none of these politicians represent freedom of expression. They all want to use these dead cartoonists and journalists. These lowlife politicians have no shame. If these dead cartoonists and journalists could do one more magazine from their graves what would they have printed? Francois Hollande, with his mistress giving him a blowjob with the caption: Unemployed actress sucks. Angela Merkel, with the caption Gestapo returns to Paris, Sieg Heil Monetary Union! Benjamin Netanyahu, get the fuck out of my way I’m going to build an Israeli settlement in this here Paris road. David haemorrhoid Cameron, am I on camera? are they taking pictures of me? look at me! look at me.. The world economy is safe in my hands I am not just a toffee nosed dickhead from an underprivileged island. Get that nigger out of my way!

Sorry about any spelling mistakes I am rushing I’m on a deadline.
French President Hollande is surrounded by head of states as they attend the solidarity march in the streets of Paris