Monthly Archives: September 2015

spam and spam bots IP blocked.

I am a strong supporter of Tor but I do not like the constant posting of spam and malware links from spam bots 10,000+ posts. Besides this is just my personal blog there are bigger fish in the sea for you ok? so Goodbye. Peace and love.

Windows belongs to the NSA. Obama, says “China is hacking U.S. networks but we are still the best”. I seem to remember General Idi Amin, Dada was the bravest and most military decorated person in the world and King of Scotland, and a part-time cannibal. ( Delusional disorder ).

I have just seen the Windows 10 advert commercial. “Windows 10 is a two-way system it is there to help you”. There is a young baby in front of a large monitor and “the future is Windows 10 that child can find anything it wants just by touching the screen with the help of Microsoft. Microsoft is the future”. Blah blah blah.

They are no longer interested in any terrorists because they the so-called terrorists would not be using Windows. They are spying on ordinary people they are crazy megalomaniacs.

Motivated by a desire to destroy the city, Nero secretly sent out men pretending to be drunk to set fire to the city. Nero watched from his palace on the Palatine Hill singing and playing the lyre. They said the fire was caused by Christians.

Update: Disqus censorship. How do you know when you have somebody posting something to you if they have censorship. If you allow a post how can it suddenly turn into spam with the word delete on it. Spam bots are very irritating but I would rather have no comments then to have censorship. I have removed Disqus. I find things like that disturbing.