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Exploding babies

The dark web. Drugs, child abuse images, to deal with this problem. Stepping up to the plate. Terrorists. Hackers, cyber criminals. hacked celebrities by psychopathic stalking terrorists. Isn’t U.S. media shit they are just like the parrot joke. I used to be a parrot but I’m all right now. I used to be a parrot, but I’m all right now. I used to be a parrot, but I’m all right now. I used to be a parrot, but I’m all right now. Isis CNN isis! the facts, the fast facts! Isis recruiting Facebook babies, cute self exploding babies are stalking the Internet brainwashed by isis. so-called “Islamic state” are being hunted and tracked by the so-called “U.S. state”. The Syrian Observatory for human rights reports it has received a video showing ISIS militants executing 25 captives in the Syrian city of Palmyra. in the meantime U.S. drones killed 24 people today better known as collateral damage.

The kid with the biggest stick is the biggest threat to mankind. But the kid with the biggest stick swears that the kid with the tiny stick is a danger to all. The kid with the big stick is an out-of-control maniac.. Who created the kid with the little stick.

I found this property in the U.K. in what they call the country meaning countryside. Although it was more like the seaside. The property name is above the door it’s called the White House. It is probably older than the U.S. White House 1800. 214 years ago.

Bullshit talkers

Bullshit talkers. I don’t like people at the best of times most people are total and utter shit heads and unfortunately they breed and keep the shit head breed going. I have been dealing with government quangos in the U.K. lowlife bastards.

We were given a profile pamphlet about a successful company and we were being lectured and told to read this profiling pamphlet. The only problem was it was our profile pamphlet. This lowlife ratbag gets paid a wage to preach this bullshit. I listened to him and then I began to get a heartburn and I thought to myself bullshit and it come out of my mouth by mistake. I told him the pamphlet he is reading is our pamphlet.

He pretended that nothing had been said and continued speaking. People are full of shit I would like to electrocute them. Lowlife bastards. I got angry and shouted in his face that is our profile pamphlet. He said if I was going to be like that he was leaving so I said yes fuck off.

My heartburn was hurting so I went for a full physical they took a blood sample by pricking my finger and using a little tube to suck up the blood that little speck of blood cost me 50 Pounds sterling and he used two of those little tubes 100 pounds sterling. He then said my cholesterol was on borderline.

100 pounds sterling for two plastic suck up tubes plus the doctors fee. Cholesterol he is lucky I didn’t have a fucking heart attack.

City of London people shit heads.
British politicians 99.9% two-faced artificial spineless insincere social parasites.

Joe Public in London fat greasy smelly bastards stinking of nicotine with mongoloid children breeding like rats with coffee coloured children born to be muggers.

That’s better my heartburn is going I am now feeling better for that. P.S. fuck you. Just saying cunt hope you don’t mind.

Got my results back from the doctor he said the acid burns and burping were stress-related which is probably seasonal bought on by: fat arse women Christmas shoppers walking in slow motion impersonating zombies, and the constant begging campaigns that plague the U.K.

On a more serious note the amount of people who are homeless in the U.K. surprise me. I don’t know how to react to them. The U.K. is desperately trying to be a Third World nation.