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What An Excellent Day, For An Exorcism!

That is the human being of the future. Ready to die – for freedom.
Who is “Markmonitor”?I had to get up early business related business, and the telephone kept on ringing while I was trying to get to sleep! It seemed like every five minutes the phone was ringing! I was so tired but I got up out of bed and answered the phone hello!

The caller was a Pakistani woman who had obviously been trained by somebody from the U.S. which gave her a strange accent. She was from a call centre and she kept on calling me Sir. We have a policy that if somebody cannot call you by your name they don’t know you so we always hangup the phone. But I was curious so I said: who are you do you realise what the time is? She said oh I’m sorry I am from “Markmonitor and your opinions are very important to us would you be prepared to answer a questionnaire.”

Between 4 of us we use a debit card for security reasons you can only spend what is in that account the debit card does not allow you to overspend you can only spend what is in that account and no more. It’s agreed that if anybody spends money they replace what they have spent the next day into that account. So we all use the same name for that account obviously.

I said to the woman what is my name? expecting her to give me the name that is on the debit card that we all use for Internet purposes only. She just repeated herself again and called me Sir telling me that my opinion is important to them.

Stupid bitch didn’t even know the name of the person she was calling and we live in a different fucking different time zone stupid fucking bitch waking me up early hours of the morning!
I know people who make a living from selling questionnaires and membership lists and so on it is a very profitable business you can even sell electoral registers it is a profitable business.

I said I wasn’t prepared to answer any questions and they were not prepared to pay me to answer questions. She did not tell me how she got my telephone number the bitch..

And I don’t believe she has anything to do with “Markmonitor” and I don’t think any of us have had anything to do with “Markmonitor.” a cable provider provides me with my telephone and it is a European company that was purchased by a New York-based company. My terms and conditions do not mention allowing cold calling so I will send them a bill every time I receive somebody begging me to answer questionnaires data collecting companies. You lowlife bastards. I was so tired I was semi-awake saying to myself please fuck off leave me alone please until I eventually fully woke-up you nasty bitch!