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I don’t think changing history benefits anybody it just makes people look stupid much the same as the black inventors that never were. Biuro Szyfrów “Cipher Bureau” codebreakers Polish long before the mathematician Alan Turing.ów

Cryptanalysis of the Enigma

Tommy Flowers, Flowers was born at 160 Abbot Road, Poplar in London’s East End on 22 December 1905, the son of a bricklayer. Thomas “Tommy” Harold Flowers, MBE (22 December 1905 – 28 October 1998) was a British engineer. During World War II, Flowers designed Colossus, the world’s first programmable electronic computer, to help solve encrypted German messages.

Died 28 October 1998 (aged 92)
Mill Hill, London, England
Nationality British
Occupation Engineer
Spouse(s) Eileen Margeret Green
Children 2