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The terror of all that is human!

I know some man whose son is very fit muscular looking. His son owns a number of fast food shops so financially he is doing well. Last year we had some business dealings with each other and I got him some security equipment CCTV equipment. The next day when I met him outside one of his shops he made a fuss of me giving me lots of fast food products and making me some giant burger with everything in it. I do not eat dead animals bodies but out of politeness I do without telling them I don’t eat dead bodies. The dead animal body in the burger was quite nice it had loads of salad and everything in the burger.

This year I met him again he was pleased to see me! his face and his body was like a younger person and he looked like the meat had been sucked from his face and body. This made him look a bit like a 16-year-old. A person kept on whispering to me that the reason he looks like this is he has a “Charlie” addiction “Charlie” = cocaine. Wow that is sad his father will be so upset. His teeth were little black stubs wow a mouthful of rotten black teeth and it was making him lisp. Bloody hell nasty.. A successful business and all and he is destroying it and himself. God damn it. Drugs are like parasites and politicians they will suck the life out of you.