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James Foley killing video

The video is everywhere it is even on YouTube. There is even a GIF animation, where he keeps on getting his head cut off again and again, and again! Nobody takes any notice of these laws in the U.K. they make them up as they go along like “hate crime” there is no law for hate crime because no crime is friendly or meaning to be friendly. There is literally no such thing as a hate crime in law.

There is a law for writing the words fuck, cunt and shit on the Internet using telecommunications telephone satellite wireless and so on. There is a law to stop you from walking across the road called jaywalking. There is also a law against talking on a footpath without walking. Literally nobody takes any notice of English and Welsh law.

To watch this person have his head cut off simply fast forward it past the U.S. presidents blah blah blah speech. I have seen worse don’t forget the U.S. funded these people and the ones before this group Al Qaeda. The U.S. supplied these people with weapons. The U.S. government kills people every single day every single day. P.S. I absolutely guarantee you 100% there is no law against watching this video or sharing it in any country of the world.

“Police warn sharing James Foley killing video is a crime Met says passing on clip of Isis militant murdering US journalist on social media could lead to prosecution under anti-terror laws.”

Gonna open it up with his little pocket knife.

Ah, it’s all right his got elastoplast

Or: File name: JamesFoley.mp4 File Size: 23.15 MB