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Does history matter? We evolve and we learn from history we don’t continuously reinvent what has been invented we learn from history so history matters.

Does the truth matter? We accept that the lowest form of life are politicians and they are compulsive liars. Actors and actresses entertainers are mostly friendly liars it goes with the profession.
In the U.S. it mainly doesn’t matter because they don’t know what the truth is or what it means they would probably think you are talking about gods and we all know religious people are fantasists with a interest in children.
In Japan exaggerating twisting the truth to make it more exciting is common.

When I was a lot younger liars used to make me blush and I would stay quiet and not get involved in the conversation because it embarrassed me! I didn’t want to be a part of it. As I got older it no longer bothered me but I still don’t like being directly involved in it. For example when somebody is talking about something that happened but they’ve twisted it and added extra bits on and then they turn to you and say didn’t it? I hate that and usually I just don’t answer I change the subject quickly.

In the U.K. they use excuses to justify it by calling it names like ( embellishing or slight exaggeration or a slight armless alteration of the facts or jazzing it up.)

I suppose there are lots of justifiable reasons not to tell the truth you wouldn’t tell somebody they were incredibly ugly if they asked you would you? But that wouldn’t be telling lies that would be being decent wouldn’t it? And If we are protecting a friend that would be the decent thing to do.

I think deep down that people should be ashamed for telling lies for no reason when they are “embellishing” a story that is supposed to be true but is mostly lies.

People don’t care any more and when lots of people do something it becomes accepted and we all begin doing it. So does the truth matter?

I think it matters but I’m beginning to forget why it matters. I hope I don’t become one but I think I probably will because it’s everywhere now it’s blatant and we all except it even though we know it isn’t true. It still makes me blush so somewhere inside me I know it matters. I think it had something to do with corruption and dishonest behaviour, that we accept and is abused by people in positions of power. We accept it until it becomes out of control and then we don’t know how to go back? Or something like that I seem to remember.