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There is no such thing as privacy on the internet

Friday the 13th they tell me it is unlucky I wonder why it is supposed to be unlucky?

I got a phone call today about them receiving “special offers and Internet discount offers and no-win no fee offers.” I said the domain name is private I paid for it to be private and wouldn’t you know it is still available on the Internet with all its details and spammers purchase the databases of domain registries before they are processed to go private. So people now receive “special offers” to their home premises or business premises rather than through e-mail. You should always use a PO Box when registering a domain, that is the best option.

Getting married the idea makes me shudder but at some time in your life you are expected to get married. A very unfunny ugly man called Hitoshi Matsumoto, said “he prefers to live with his dog, and he does not like the idea of sharing his bed with someone else.” When he said that I suddenly liked him because I totally agree with him he become my moral support. My dog never argues with me it listens to what ever music I listen to and never disagrees with me.

Anyway Hitoshi Matsumoto, went and got married now I feel under pressure again like I should get married. I was going to send him an abusive e-mail but his website is dead and he is probably going to spend the rest of his life unemployed. Early retirement for you you bastard.

I used to like Navy cake at least you didn’t have to marry them you just pushed the turd up. But you grow out of that.

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