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LED Lenser bicycle lights on their heads idiots.

In the U.K. they don’t have a highway code for cyclists. They put bright LED Lenser bicycle lights on their heads! If they look at you they temporary blind you. pedal bikes cyclists in the U.K. are mostly idiots cycling attracts weirdos in the U.K., not like Holland Deutschland and so on. I purchased one of these lights and when they are riding up to me I point the torch at their face and shine it. They usually reply with “oh man turn that off.” I reply with yes after you do.

I don’t know why cyclist in the U.K. are so stupid LED Lenser, lights are meant to point down to the ground. In Europe it’s called dipping your lights.

If you put a LED Lenser light on your head or on your handlebars if you shine it in peoples faces they are going to be temporary blinded and they are going to get annoyed. British cyclists are mentally defectives.

Having to walk around with one of these lights on me just so I can shine it in their faces is a ridiculous way to have to show idiots not to do it to me. Yesterday somebody wanted to fight with me because I shined the light in his face as he was doing it to me! so I set the dog on him and he run away and left his bike so I quickly left the area. Haha!
DSCF0989 pigsy

That’s it I’m off now to sing about Tokyo lights.