From the land beyond beyond from the world past hope and fear. I bid you Genie, now appear!

Quango contractors are panicking because they believe the Labour Party, is going to get in in the U.K., and deal with them. Pensioners will be receiving surveys asking them if they are satisfied with the treatment they have been receiving from the DWP. Your hospitals will be issuing patients with a survey asking whether you are satisfied with their treatment. You will be receiving questionnaires about your GPs, and whether you are satisfied with them. Job Centre plus and the charity compulsory, work schemes will be asking the unemployed and disabled if they are satisfied with the treatment they have been receiving. And apparently your new prime minister is going to be Jewish, and the BBC are going to be very very nice to Jewish, people. Oh dear what a strange country. ( I have nothing to do with U.K. government quangos we are not contracted in any way with the U.K. government ).

I have only posted 2 messages in 2015 I have been very busy being humiliated and shown how little I actually know about computers when I believed I was a wizard. So there you go have a happy 2015.

5 thoughts on “From the land beyond beyond from the world past hope and fear. I bid you Genie, now appear!

  1. Hey Pigsy!
    Outpost Security Suite Pro firewall is brilliant. The antivirus anti-spyware is useless.. It cannot even recognise 2014 spyware programs. I put it on my PC and I really wanted it to work after all I paid for it and just because of the firewall which is excellent I wanted it to work. I have been posting all the old viruses from last year that it doesn’t recognise to them explaining what they are and what they do. I am so disappointed that they do not even work as a basic virus scanner. When you purchase the product your invoice is from Greece, and not Russia. have a look Pigsy

    you know it’s me right

    I’m not trying to impress you but, I’m Batman

    1. Why would you want to pay for a firewall? is that not the equivalent of ransomware paying for the same product every year. Buy a Apple, system think about all the money you would save from not buying the same firewall every year.

      In the U.S. they call this “good cop bad cop”. Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, good cops. U.K. U.S. bad cops. The U.K. is a little island so it is not really up to all this bad cop, business so it is the odd man out really. But as long as it can hide behind the U.S. it should be ok. The only problem is what if Russia, watches bad U.S. television cop programmes.

    2. Agnitum will handle all data and information as confidential and erase, delete and destroy the data and information as soon as it is no longer necessary to retain. Agnitum may share and redirect all collected data and information with its affiliated companies, business partners and software development contractors. By accepting this Agreement you fully understand and accept that you specifically authorize the collection and use of all data and information that is transmitted and forwarded to Agnitum and grant Agnitum, its affiliated companies, business partners and software development contractors the consent necessary pursuant to local and international laws and regulations to process, store, retain and repurpose the obtained and collected data and information as it deems appropriate within its website and other marketing materials.

  2. When I was younger I lived in Devon, and I went to a farmer’s College, that was sponsored by a large food supplier. Dry dog food used to be made from chicken which turned out to be chicken feet and chicken beak and the feathers were used for roughage in dry dog food mixed with rice. I wonder have things changed? Baby chick food looked like porridge and you added water but it was actually made out of adult chicken feet, from the processing factories. When I finished farmer’s College, I become a health care worker for the NHS and a pescetarian. For some reason I just wanted to share that with you people.

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