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Please Sir, I want some more

I’m never going to buy a sandwich from a supermarket ever again.. Did you know Eastern European’s and Nigerians, are cheaper than machinery in the workplace in the U.K., they work them to a standstill.. The wages are minimum wage the Eastern Europeans who work making sandwiches for supermarkets are of no fixed abode ( homeless ). The sandwich making factory conveyor belts run 24 hours a day! Their workforce are supplied by agencies. Earning a living in the agency business can be very difficult but how low morally do you sink.. We all play our part in creating our society to make our surroundings better for ourselves and our families but If you turn your country into a shithole it will not be a place worth living in regardless, of how much money you have made.

Some of the Eastern Europeans and Nigerians working as slave labour in the U.K. making sandwiches for supermarkets stink they smell like homeless people. Most of the Eastern Europeans are in their early 20s and look like down and outs. They get paid on a Friday night and they drink their cares away and they come back with scabby faces split lips black eyes busted noses and then make sandwiches for supermarkets..

The food is kept very clean they make the Eastern Europeans and Nigerians where plastic aprons and plastic gloves at all times. The night staff work from 8 PM to 6 AM and it really is slave labour. Surely it must be better in their own countries why do they want to work in the U.K. as slave labour and homeless. The English/British must hate them because they can only drive wages down.

I am never going to eat a sandwich from a supermarket ever again! The only equivalent that I can think of is Mexicans, working in the U.S. for below the minimum wage..
It really was disgusting. The only supermarket the agencies are wary of is a supermarket called “Sainsbury’s”. The other supermarkets didn’t care but they were worried about Sainsbury’s nosing about.

The working conditions are very cold because they need to keep the food fresh this causes problems because the homeless Eastern Europeans and probably illegal working Nigerians noses begin to drip because of the cold conditions. Scabby faces and snotty noses. I’m never going to eat a fucking sandwich from a supermarket ever

Shit Food to Go business in the U.K. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pre-packed sandwiches, producing in excess of 350 million sandwiches baguettes and wraps each year. Its range of products also includes broader food to go items such as salads and sushi. We have six Food to Go facilities in the U.K. situated in shit blah blah, The business also operates a unique radial distribution network which covers the length and breath of the U.K.” ( Sales pitch. ) GO AND TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF… make your own sandwiches from now on.. I know I will… Goodness gracious me what is a matter with the British.