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We shall meet in the place were there is no darkness.

I have a large workstation that is gathering dust not being used. It has a row of hard drive slots you simply open the door and slide in a hard drive and you are ready to go. So I plugged in one of the 4TB hard drives all I needed was a operating system so I decided to give it one of these Linux ( desktop ) systems. The system I chose was “openSUSE 13.2“. It made my firewall go crazy on my firewall monitor it kept popping up messages asking me “do you wish to allow this YES/NO please select”.

I looked on the openSUSE 13.2 DVD for a readme which would tell me which IP addresses would be calling me and which ones to allow but there was not any such readme. So I didn’t know my place in this and.. their place! in other words I didn’t know where I stood. Who was allowed to call on me? where is my place in this?

Ok NTP I understand that one Network Time Protocol (NTP) http://pics.thw23.de/ OK I do not need that person my network does that already so no problem. And I understand what this one is: http://www.aws.mirrorservice.org/ University of Kent Mirror Service provides a collection of mirrors of FTP. And this one: mirror.rackspace.co.uk

And this one what do they want? TLSv1.2 1514 Server Hello, Client Key Exchange Change Cipher Spec Encrypted Handshake Message.
“Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a cloud services provider headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. Akamai’s content delivery network is one of the world’s largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15 and 30 percent of all web traffic Privacy policy: States that Akamai is involved in the collection, use or disclosure of personally identifiable information, in order to transmit it efficiently. The data may be stored briefly or for a longer period of time may result in tracking, as determined by the technical requirements Akamai develops through working with our business customers.” In 2001, co-founder Daniel M. Lewin died in the September 11th attacks at the age of 31. Lewin was aboard American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center.

And: hetzner.de what’s that about?

I’ve decided maybe it’s not such a good idea too many callers. I do not know my place in this..

“Doublethink, it does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is, that victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous. The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labour. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance.”
Eric Arthur Blair.