We seem to be defying the laws of the megalomaniacs.

You know when people have power it is when the authorities try to intimidate them. The media hates the Internet, and so do the authorities that is why they want to control it. Apparently somebody has been arrested in Scotland for making a joke on “Twitter” about some dead people: “So a bin lorry has apparently driven in 100 people in Glasgow eh, probably the most fresh trash it’s picked up in one day”. I don’t understand the joke I’ve been to Glasgow, there is nothing fresh in Glasgow and nothing fresh comes out of that shit hole. I think there are many things you cannot say in the U.K. I think some of them are nigger, fuck cunt shit, shit stabber. Snidey old Yids. Pakis, Homos the Queen is a German cunt. They make these laws up as they go along in the U.K. so it depends what is offensive on any particular day. What ever it is I have just written it somewhere so fuck you. Just saying cunts hope you don’t mind.

Apart from that stupid ignorant little island I purchased myself a server so I am very busy at the moment not much time to post about that cesspool Glasgow a wannabe North Korea. P.S. the server is a test machine I worked on it to the point where I’ve lost all respect for so-called security. 2015 is the year for https everywhere they tell me. I’m so tired now my eyes are falling out.. login off.


2 thoughts on “We seem to be defying the laws of the megalomaniacs.

  1. Five eyes New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States war on the Internet. State-sponsored malware spyware Routers with backdoors. Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ, 1.8m users targeted by U.K. agency in six-month period alone material included large quantity of sexually explicit images. Government-sponsored malware Stuxnet, Flame, Regin, collaboration silent signatures PRISM, UTT. The ISC.org web site “We believe the web site may have become infected with malware. Please scan any machine that has accessed this site recently for malware”. FinFisher: British company Gamma International, headquartered in Andover offered for sale a portfolio of IT intrusion software called FinFisher to Mubarak’s regime shortly before the Egyptian revolution began. The company said it had not supplied any products to the Egyptian regime. Oh Lordy Lordy, governments war on the people it can only get worse in 2015 Happy New Year.

  2. All these French cartoonists and journalists died for freedom of expression. The French president wanted to shut down this magazine for doing a story on him. The magazine was threatened with closure again for making jokes about Jewish people. It is against the law in France to question the Jewish Holocaust. On the BBC World Service the Jewish activist group are saying: “we need freedom of expression to tackle these Muslim terrorists, and we need laws to protect Jewish minority groups by banning any Jewish discrimination.” David haemorrhoid Cameron, British Prime Minister says this is an attack on freedom of expression and we need more control over the Internet to control fanatics on Facebook Yahoo! and so on. These French people from this magazine, really did die for freedom of expression and these dirty scummy lowlife politicians are dirtying these dead French people’s names. Fuck GCHQ MI5 and all who sail in her.


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