When they have it all what will they do with it?

Media propaganda they say it with a smile. Be afraid of them they hope be afraid.

When I see blatant propaganda that is meant to oppress others I suddenly lose the ability to write in English, because I cannot control my eagerness to balance things out. I think the people win eventually but the propagandists create so much damage and so many wars before the people win. it’s a shame that the scum always rises to the top again and again, and again. It’s like a spirit of evil that is self-destructive and calls itself government. If they could they would make Independent thinking against the law.

I do not like the U.S. but before the Cold War ended the U.S. was a free nation. People had freedoms because governments feared communism. They had to let people have rights to make them want the system. But look at them now it’s a corrupt shit hole run by government gangsters.

Did you know governments are at war with you if you are using the Internet they want to know who you are what you are where you are and what you are saying. Twitter, youTube and so on want your smart phone number because your smart phone says who you are and where you are at all times. They didn’t suddenly want this information government agencies want this information. You say something they do not like they will arrest you. And the media will skip and jump to tell everybody how the law is dealing with you just to scare everybody else. Be afraid of them they hope.

Catchphrase “zero tolerance” yes I have zero tolerance for megalomaniacs. Muslim women are shiting out terrorist babies. Jews are compulsive liars with a spiteful nature. Black’s are freeloaders who want sympathy for being the victim of their own worthlessness. White people are self-righteous self-serving land grabbers two-faced bastards. East Asians are sly and will stab you in the back with a smile. Arabs you will find on the bottom of your shoe smelling just like the shit they are. Pakistanis Bengalis Indians scum of the earth. P.S. just saying cunts hope you don’t mind. If I have left you out no problems you are a cunt.